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For enquiries please contact Tony Novissimo
Phone: 0208 408 1000

Welcome to London Therapy Foundation

London Therapy Foundation (LTF) exists to promote best practice in the many and varied arenas of mental health. Our Psychotherapists and Counsellors provide the highest level of counselling services in the London area.

LTF is a consortium of qualified and registered psychotherapists and counsellors who counsel people with marriage difficulties, anxiety, addiction and depression concerns. We cover the whole spectrum of therapies to provide peace of mind to all those mentally, emotionally and spiritually in distress.

The point is, we care. Here at London Therapy Foundation we have all experienced the traumas that you bring to us. We are, therefore, completely sympathetic and open to your troubles and by helping you to find the right therapist, London Therapy Foundation can 'support you on your journey to a brighter future'.

For those who are practising therapists, LTF provides a framework to share knowledge and advice with colleagues. A large range of professional services are made available to help every psychotherapist practitioner.

For doctors and other care agencies, LTF provides a centre of excellence which they can rely on, and refer patients to, with confidence.



Qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors In London - Find a Therapist

Our support section offers a directory service to help find the right therapy for you. It also provides background information on the subject of therapy in general and an overview of the different types of therapies available. Use our online directory to quickly find therapy and counselling services in Richmond, Teddington, Isleworth, Mortlake area.

The London Therapy Foundation helps you find the right therapy in your area. Each of our Therapists is profoundly trained in their chosen field. So, because of the large number of Therapists in our Foundation, we can always ensure that we have a specialist to meet your needs. You can also find out more about the different types of therapy available, get information on how sessions work and more. Finally, you might want to join the LTF community and exchange advice, as well as give us feedback to make our service even better.

It is also our boast that we do not have a waiting list. We can get you into therapy within days. Note also that we do not restrict the number of sessions you may have , but allow you to remain in therapy until you feel comfortable to leave.


LTF provides a large range of services for professional Therapists

Join LTF and become part of our growing community of practising professionals & Psychotherapists. There are a whole range of services available, including a directory and referral service, where we match up our members' profiles with people seeking support. We also provide an area to exchange knowledge and network with other Therapists.


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London Therapy Foundation for Health Providers

LTF provides a service to Doctors and other health service providers looking for specialist care for their patients. We offer a wide range of therapies for a variety of therapeutic and counselling needs. We are happy to work with all Doctors' surgeries and welcome your contact.


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