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I specialise in helping clients with negative thoughts/emotions/perceptions, unmanageable anger, an inability to let go or forgive, a lack of self-confidence or in coping with stress, using an approach which blends mindfulness meditation with the psychobiology of stress.

An independent stress management consultant and a teacher of mindfulness meditation for many years, I have developed an approach that treats the cause, which lies mainly in the mind, rather than treating the symptoms, and can be practised while standing, walking, sitting, lying down or eating.

I have studied mindfulness meditation for three decades and attended many retreats in Thailand, India and the UK. I have a Masters in the Psychobiology of Stress from Roehampton University, where my experimental research was on: ‘Can mindfulness restore verbal memory in menopausal women?’ The results showed a significant improvement in their sleeping patterns. I also have a Masters in Education from the University of Detroit, U.S.A. and a Bachelors in Liberal Arts from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

My book, Taming the Truant Mind: How Mindfulness Will Free You from Troublesome Thoughts and Emotions, was published recently and is available on Amazon. I also write a blog on mindfulness for The Huffington Post, which can be found here: huffingtonpost.co.uk/kamontip-evans.

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Name: Kamontip Evans

Email: montip88@gmail.com

Website: www.mindskills4life.co.uk

Tel: 02088762455

Mobile: 07908410427



Richmond TW9
Sheen SW14


Main Practice

London Therapy Foundation
40 Lambert Ave, Richmond TW9 4QR


Other Practice(s)

48 Clare Lawn Avenue
Sheen, London SW14 8BG


Therapies Offered

What I can help with: Anger Management, Anxiety, Low Self-Confidence, Stress, Work Related Issues

Clients I work with: One to one, Groups


Availability and Cost

Availability: Weekday Daytimes, Weekday Evenings, Weekends

Price per session: £55.00

Length per session: 55 mins

Number of sessions: flexible

Languages spoken: English, Thai



BA in Liberal Arts, MA in Education, MSc in Psychobiology of Stress


Other Information

Insurance Company: Hiscox

Insurance cover £ limit: £1,000,000

Currently insured till date: 20th February 2020